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WTFAST crack is a tool with the ability to improve your current internet connection. Online gaming can be a disaster if your internet isn’t holding up; such lags in your gaming can be a huge turn-off and can kill your gaming experience. This is where this tool comes in handy. This amazing software tool can make your internet connection better by boosting signal strength and making your internet up to 70 percent faster.


WTFAST Premium Account is an internet boosting software that is mostly used for gaming, this amazing software tool was developed by a wise group of gamers in the year of 2009 and has been very popular ever since. This software has become the most used gaming support tool ever in the history of gaming. Even though this software has a great reputation and known for its reliable work, it’s developed were generous enough to offer a free trial version of this software equipped with all the features the paid version contains other amazing features of this software tool are listed below:

WTFAST 4.6.0 Crack Features

  • No encryption of gaming date.
  • Full Free Install Sims 4 Cracked.
  • Amazing ability to store user settings.
  • Great optimization for gaming traffic.
  • Proxy server customized by TCP and UDP.
  • Have the ability to connect with multiple servers.
  • Very easy to understand and have a very user-friendly interface.
  • Deliver gaming data to the server and provide a very fast response.
  • A very responsive customer support is also available through email.
  • Provide support for almost all of the online PC games available today.

How to install?

  1. First of all, After you sign up/purchase, an installer is downloaded from the Official website.
  2. Secondly, Once this gets downloaded, it’ll run the setup wizard for the software Select desired.
  3. Storage options, customizations, settings and click ‘continue’ to finish the installation wizard.
  4. Finally, Launch the tool along with a game of your choice.
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